Thursday, June 14, 2018

Small Stands Smart Done


The creative process of developing an exhibition stand is a difficult task, specially for small spaces.
The stand should display the company's image giving the audience reliability helping to form more robust interactions, without loosing functionality.

On a small space, a stand needs to be well and smart designed, looking clean also well enlightened
in order to gain the necessary attention.
 Once you have made a decision which exhibition design size performs best for your company, it is time to think about graphics and searching for a good exhibition stand contractor.

If you just wish to gain brand attention and let anyone know your core values, you can do it by using stable brand colors, your logo & graphics and good structural stand layout. If you are establishing a new product, your stand should also highlight your new products or services.

Friday, June 30, 2017

Prepare an exhibit achieve success optimize your results.

The preparation of an exhibition is the most crucial when targeting presentation at International Trade fairs.
From the stand presentation to the preliminary curiosity to the first information, all  details have to be designed and produced to have their effect.
Exhibition stand design and building is a complicated issue when developing a new product launch campaign or service sales discussion.
A brief list of exactly what has to be prepared will assist you to have a summary and the best ways to get going.

1. Search for a business that provides exhibit stand style and develop.
2. Examine the ability of the service provider to produce distinct styles and clean stand build up.
3. Define your budget plan and specify your requirements and brief.
4. Select kind of style you would like to have get professional suggestions of the best ways to implement exhibition targets in the design application.
Example you wish to promote a new item ways to display it the best ways to promote, where to place the item with high presence to the audience.
5. Create the message you want to talk to the audience. Mottos audio visuals etc.

After you prepare and choose that both sets you already to proceed with your specialist who will prepare the design and lastly the building if you desire and developed together the perfect exhibit stand.

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Make the A lot of From Your Exhibition and Make it Work to Your Benefit!

Trade shows and exhibition occasions are perfect places for companies to promote their activities or products and draw in potential clients. However, with the big variety of taking part businesses, all of which are determined to advertise their items and recruit brand-new clients, the competition is really difficult and things can really get major.
With minimal space and a minimal variety of exhibition stands services, business owners must consider methods to make sure that guests visit their exhibition stands and consider working with them. Here are some suggestions and strategies to attract the ideal visitors and close a lot of sales throughout the exhibition.

1. Establish the Effective Look - With up to numerous getting involved business in one trade program, it is essential for a business to develop a visually-appealing custom stand that can grab the attention of guests and attract them to examine the product. At the same time, given that the exhibit stand is a representation of a company and its product, it should show an excellent balance of professionalism and looks without discussing the top.

2. Imagination is the Secret - Experiment on imaginative methods to develop the exhibition stand and make it stand apart from the rest of the displays. Imagination does not just apply to the external look, though. Trade shows might get uninteresting, however a smart and creative marketing strategy can definitely break the monotony and capture the interest of the guests.

3. Cut Costs, Keep Corners - Splurging on fancy but ineffective things (like expensive freebies, giant LED displays, and unnecessary present items) is not a great idea. Although this may potentially draw in some trade convention visitors, the return on investment is not guaranteed. Thus, you must make a list of all the important trade program must-haves and find alternative methods to work around the designated budget plan. On the other hand, do not cut corners on crucial things, especially those that can yield above average returns (like a premium trade convention area or a much better exhibit stand builder).

4. Power of the Perfect Individuals - A flamboyant and captivating exhibition stand is useless if it is filled with lifeless and nonchalant workers. Aside from having the ideal design and creative methods, selecting the right individual to man the cubicle and speak to participants can level up a company's exhibition stand. Maintain a lively and positive exhibit screen with friendly and active attendants.

5. Network, Make it Work - Talking is essential to an effective trade program. Speak with individuals and notify them about the event. Talk with anyone that checks the exhibit display screen. Speak to the exhibition organizers. Talk to the attendants at the surrounding stands. Generally, speak with everybody. Expanding and keeping a reliable network is a general rule in company, and trade convention are the perfect platforms for business to do this.

With a distinct technique, an arranged strategy, and the best mindset, companies can make the most of the promising market potentials in trade programs and make it work to their company' benefit.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Exhibition Booths Explained

For everyone that is on the first steps towards the first trade show presentation. There are different types of exhibitions stands. Here they are:

  • Modular Stand
This type has shelving and hooks for video screens and products. The subtypes of modular stands include the following:

-          Portable display
-          Table Top Display
-          Notice Board
-          Pole Panel

     This type of stand is made of pre-build pannels. There is very little possibility to incorporate elements of branding or corporate identity.

  • Pop-up Stand
This is a portable exhibition stand, which reduces the transportation cost. They are used for presentations and conferences. These are lighter as compared to other types of stands. Also very small possibility to incorporate elements of branding or corporate identity. 

  • Banner Stand
These are compact and designed for re-use. They are easy to transport. These stands are commonly used for a small product promotion at the point of sale. This is one of the most affordable exhibition stands.

  • Custom Stands
These are full customized exhibition stands characterized by high walls, huge 3D logos, and wide space. See example picture below. A custom stand is designed to attract vast amounts of attention from the viewers. You can hire an exhibition stand contractor to create this kind of stand for your business. However, this is the most expensive type of all. It is used if you want to show off your brand. This is a one-time investment, which is not designed for re-use. 

Monday, December 7, 2015

Exhibition presentation - The help of multimedia.

If you're putting on an event such as a sales presentation, AGM, new product launch, one of the most important things you need to consider the audio visual and multimedia components.
Only through effective AV can your event be the success you want it to be and for that you need the right av equipment and support.
Here's how to choose the right AV hire company for your needs:
Your audio visual setup is the medium that carries your message to your audience so a lot depends on it
Skilful use of AV techniques can transform any event by bringing it to vivid life through the use of music, audio, pictures and video. In a sales presentation you could show videos of your products in action while a voice over and power point presentation outlines the benefits.
In this way your target audience gets an in-depth understanding of your products and how they can use them
At a smartphone new product launch, a narrated video could while flashing up pictures of the product with the features; showing the development of the product to the end user using it in a nice atmosphere.

Action music plays a role in the background creating a delightful ambience. The professional sound system makes every note crystal clear. Meanwhile an audiovisual system pipes the scene  in the venue.
These are just a few examples of the power of AV and you can surely think of many applications to suit your own particular needs.
The trouble is that AV is a wide and complex field - you need to consider everything from conceptualising the event, getting the right av equipment, and being able to operate it properly.
The effective application of AV is beyond the resources of most companies and the answer is to bring in the professionals.
A multimedia and AV specilized company offer a full range of services from basic AV hire all the way up to full event management services.
When looking for the right audio visual solutions company for your project, here are some things to bear in mind.

Putting everything in the hands of one firm is the best way to ensure proper coordination and communication.
When it comes to AV hire, your chosen firm needs to be able to offer everything you could need from a simple projector up to a full stage set with lighting, sound and vision, along with technicians to handle everything.

Thursday, December 12, 2013

A Selection of Nice Designs

Surfing this week I have found a new interesting website of an UK design company
named ACT Stand Design. I have found the stands very innovative and fresh.
This site deserves your visit.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ISM Exhibition Stand Design

ISM Stand Design for Global Strategy

Featuring architectural thematic scenes and showcasing the specially designed dioramas, with multicultural scenes of Chinese architecture, African house, Indian native and European house. Follow the link o read more about this exciting exhibition stand project.

Small Stands Smart Done

    The creative process of developing an exhibition stand is a difficult task, specially for small spaces. The stand should disp...